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Redeeming Vouchers Redeeming Vouchers

How to Redeem a voucher, I got as a present ?

Using a voucher is only possible in our webshop ( )

Fill you shopping cart with articles you want to buy until you reach the value of your voucher. Normally the total of your order is not exact the value of your voucher, if so you will receive an invoice for the remaining amount with delivery of the products. (p.e. if you select goods with a value of 113,50 and your voucher only has a value of 100, you will receive an invoice of 13,50 with your ordered goods, which you settle)

In the field "Comments" you add the word "voucher" and the number of your voucher. You will then receive your order and, if applicable an invoice of the remaining amount.

Info: The Deja vu voucher has allready been payed by the one who gave it to you, so please ignore the application for payment after you send your order.

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