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Deja vu watch set 3071-C124
item number: Set 3071-C124
  79,00 €
[incl. 19% Tax excl. Shipping]
article: watch set Set 3071-C124
watch: C124
Zeiteinteilung: ja
Ziffernblatt: wei├č
Verschluss: Silberschlie├če

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This product contains the following items:
1x C 124 (Deja vu watch C 124)
1x Us 61 (watch strap small Us 61)
1x K 61 e (plastic disc K 61 e)
1x E 13-2 (stainless steel disc E 13-2)

Cost of separate parts: 113,00 €

You save 34,00 €

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